Here at Three Springs Farm,
we are blessed with an incredible barn family of
students, parents, local professionals and supporting farms.


I am a firm beleiver that wihout the support, hard work and encouragement of many individuals, this farm would never have gotten on it’s feet and would certainly not be successfully operating. TSF is a family owned and operated business focusing on developing riders and horses into the partnerships that inspire the passion.

A special thank you to a few individuals and local businesses which have been critical to Three Springs Farm; My parents and husband for your unwaivering support and dedication; My boarders and students who have stuck with me through this roller coaster year and been faithfull encouragement; Dr. Anna Russau & Warrenton Horse Works; Sean Blasko for keeping all our horses sound and being a loyal friend; Papa Lou - for being a great “horse show Dad” to all the girls and the TSF horses (as well as the endless things you do to make our lives so much easier !); Jubee Moxley and Faith Corner Farm; Jocelyn Dayus of Next to Never Farm for your honesty, encouragement and advice; my dear friend Ruth Cruz for keeping me sane; and lastly Regan Knecht - you have been my right hand and the best friend someone could ask for.

As we look forward, I see many dedicated and talented young individuals around me. I feel very fortunate to be able to work with each of you, and I can only hope to watch you all continue to grow, succeed and become even more incredible. Best of luck to a successful year, I am blessed to be able to share some of these experiences with you !

Head of Training & Instruction: Kara Drewry

Biography coming soon !


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