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What is IEA...?
IEA stands for the Interscholastic Equestrian Association. The IEA is the national governing association for the Interscholastic Riding Competitions. Each rider is a member of the IEA and is eligible to compete at a regional, zone and national level both as an individual and as part of a team. For additional information about the IEA please visit

About the Competitions...
IEA Competitions are designed to be identical to the college riding team format. Riders will compete against other riders their own age and with similar riding abilities. Teams travel to the show host site, draw horses and compete on that horse for their class. Riding unfamiliar horses demonstrates the rider’s ability as well as challenges them to be accurate on many different types of horses.

The competition season runs from November through April ( National Finals for 2011-2012 are in Syracuse, NY April 20 - 22 ). We would be part of Zone 3, our shows are located all over Virginia as well as Maryland.

Who is eligible...?
Any student currently enrolled as a middle-school or high-school student.

Competing in the IEA is a tremendously beneficial experience for the college bound student. Participation and success in this show association looks GREAT on college applications and will help fully prepare riders for the college teams. The IEA offers Finals at the Regional, Zone and National level for qualifying riders. IEA involvement looks great on college applications, as well as being a challenging and amazing experience for riders of all levels !


Contact for more information. The 2012 Season will start in November, Applications will be considered in August 1 - November 15, 2012




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