Our goal is to develop the avid young rider into an accomplished, educated horseman.


Located on just over 21 acres in Spotsylvania, Virginia, Three Springs Farm is a family owned and operated lesson, boarding and training facility. We offer a quiet, family oriented atmosphere for you or your young rider to pursue the passion of horses.

The Student Three Springs Farm is excited to offer a comprehensive lesson program combining equitation with advanced horsemanship. We will be excepting a select group of students to study with trainer and instructor Kara Drewry in all aspects of the Art of Riding and Horsemanship. Students will enjoy the disciplines of dressage, show hunters, cross country, and show jumpers while studying nutrition, horse health care and all aspects of advanced horsemanship.

The Horse Three Springs Farm offers ship-in, partial and full training services for your horse. Our training methods focus on developing the well-rounded horse with dressage principles, introduction to natural horsemanship, cross training through cross country and riding outside the ring, correct jumping with gymnastics as well as familiarization with showing. We specialize in producing quiet, confident horses with exceptional ground manners and rideability.


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In Memory Our hearts broke on October 16th, 2011. After a beautiful - quite normal and regular, busy and crazy hectic Saturday at the farm, our dear friend Louis Hamilton Catrett III passed away peacefully at his home. "Papa Lou" as he was so affectionately called was a huge part of the day-to-day, the successes and the struggles at Three Springs, even more - he touched so very many lives. From the 4am mornings, prepping horses and drinking coffee - to the long car rides and endless, repeating (haha) stories, Lou was always there and always making everyone smile; more so laugh out loud.


There is not a dreadful rainy day we do not miss his head-to-toe rainsuit; Not a sunny day we do not still hear his laughter. Lou will be greatly missed, he has left a small peice of himself here and we are so very greatful to have known this wonderful man. I've never missed someone quite so much.


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We are located in Spotsylvania, Virginia. Please contact us by phone or e-mail for an address and directions.


We are a private facility. Please make an appointment to visit. Thank you for your understanding.

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